Is there real poverty in Singapore? How serious is the problem of inequality in our economy and society? What are the possible policy remedies?
Join our panel of experts as they tackle these questions from a broad range of different perspectives. We then open the floor for attendees to raise questions, discuss, and debate the issue. Hope to see as many of you there! Let’s Talk! 
Photo by Happy People Helping People Foundation SG.


Yeoh Lam Keong (former Chief Economist, GIC, Adjunct Professor, LKY School of Public Policy)
Teo You Yenn (Associate Professor, Sociology, NTU)
Donald Low (Associate Dean, LKY School of Public Policy)

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Press Reports

[The Online Citizen] “Poverty and Inequality in Singapore” by Let’s Talk, Singapore

[Byline] A panel discussion on poverty and social equality in Singapore has highlighted the urgent need for policy reform and redistribution in the wealthy city-state.