On 10 February 2016, the Prime Minister’s Office announced the appointment of a Constitutional Commission to study and make recommendations on specific aspects of the Elected Presidency. 
As part of its review, the Commission has invited Singaporeans to submit their views on changes they want to see to the following three areas:
1. The criteria that qualify a person to be a candidate in the presidential election;
2. Provisions to make sure racial minority candidates stand a fair chance to be elected President; 
3. The role and composition of the Council of Presidential Advisors in governing how the President exercises his powers. 
The deadline for submissions to the Commission is 21 March 2016.
With the view of encouraging civic participation and thoughtful deliberation, we are holding a Forum to discuss and engage views on the terms of reference set out by the Commission.


Mr Kevin Y L Tan, Adjunct Professor at NUS Faculty of Law
Dr Chong Ja Ian, Assistant Professor at NUS Department of Political Science.


[] Specific Aspects of the Elected Presidency



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Dr Chong Ja Ian discussing the institutional role of the Elected Presidency and the significance of the areas which have been identified for review by the Constitutional Commission. 

Law Prof Kevin Y L Tan giving a fascinating and insightful overview of the office of the President and its evolution. 

Q&A Segment (Highlights listed below)

At 0:15 min - Discussion on Presidential Council of Minority Rights

At 6:18 min - How do you Square the Circle: President's Custodial Role vs President's Status as a Unifying Figure that represents multi-racial Singapore.

At 9:44 min - A "GRC System" - form a team of 3 to run for President, each team member take turns to sit as President for 2 years, while the other two team members sit in  the Council of Presidential Advisers.

At 31:20 min - About Reverting back to the Ceremonial Presidency.

At 32 min to 35 min - The Elected Presidency scheme arose from the paranoia of one man. The spectre, nightmare of a rogue govt is overblown.

At 47 min - Discussion about the benefits of having a run-off election.


Forum Slides, Forum Handout and Prof Kevin Y L Tan's Slides